Asia House, Southern Avenue

Kolkata never really stops surprising me when it comes to the varities of cuisine, simplicity of food and a charming ambiance. I am an ardent fan of pan asian cuisine, so I lookout for discovering new places and quality food joints to eat my guts out.
Been to this amazing place today in southern avenue for a meet with friends, where I had a toothsome spread of pan asian delicacies. My favorites of the day are the ones I have highlighted here.

Roasted black pepper and bok choy pork: Pork lovers this is one dish where you can actually savor the pork meat which is well seasoned and the additional pepper sauce along with the bok choy gives an authentic touch to the dish. The meat was actually lean void of any fat and that is how I like my pork.

House special chicken dumplings: Please try this dish to get the taste of authentic asian flavors, the juicy chicken pieces and lush soft exterior of the dumplings. I loved how it went well their home made chili sauce.

Lemon coriander soup: Clear soup with a hint of lemon grass and the aesthetic lemon-coriander flavor. You should try this to increase your appetite in case you are low on that.

Drums of heaven: Another authentic dish of this restaurant, where you get the Thai flavors in the sauce in which the drumsticks have been tossed. I tried drumsticks in lot of places but they don’t have that refreshing appetite increasing quality which i found here.

Burnt garlic rice: Huge quantity, if you are looking for a lunch to suffice two you should get this as it’s spicy and fullfiling altogether.

Pla gra tiem: Fish in black pepper sauce and infused with garlic, a fancy asian name. Sophisticated dish with good quality basa pieces.

Chili garlic noodles with chicken in chili wine sauce: A great combination of spicy noodles and sweet sauce chicken, having a hint of white wine.

Fried ice cream: Not a fan of coconut so didn’t like the outer coating of the ice cream balls but loved the idea and effort.

Darsaan with vanilla ice cream: It was my favorite part of the entire meal, i love the crisp darsaans with very light coating of the honey sauce, it was a party in my mouth.

The pricing is very reasonable, at par with other eateries nearby. So why should you visit? Well the answer depends on you totally, but I would recommend this place for just love for good heart warming food.

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