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This place was in my wish list for long, fortunately I visited this place yesterday. Locating this was not difficult at all as it’s just beside fancy market in khidirpore, the entrance is not that big but after you enter it’s huge dining space will definitely amaze you. I just loved their theme, decor and the seating arrangement. The decor is aesthetic, with beautiful lights having mughal design, architecture is also reflecting the authenticity of the place.
The menu is pretty extensive it was difficult to choose from but I went with the suggestion, few trademark dishes of this place I chose to Hogg on.
Galouti kebab- The kebab was so delicate that it was breaking while I took it to my plate, no doubt it had a melt in mouth consistency. Very rich with the umami and Mughal spices. It was served wIth Lucknowy parantha, again very soft and flaky.

Chicken cheese kebab- Chicken kebabs wrapped with layers of cheese served with pudina chutney and salad, the chicken pieces were moist and cheese was complimenting the chicken well.

Honey fish- Another delicacy, as I’m an ardent fan of seafood this dish was my most favorite one. The taste was very new for me, sweet and savory both and so delicious.

Chicken Butter masala- Very rich consistency of gravy, soft and succulent pieces of chicken along with garlic naan was pretty good start to my main course. This is a must try for chicken lovers.

Chicken masala- This was fine tasted good enough, nothing special to mention about it, went well with the naan.

Mutton dariabadi biryani- This is a bit similar to hyderabadi style of biryani, very spicy and the quantity was huge, it suffices two person.

Mutton awadhi Biryani- This dish is a signature of India restaurant, it comes in a sealed clay handi. When the lid opens the aroma of the spices makes your appetite rise to 100 then and there. I loved the rice texture and the fried onions were just adding a great flavor to the entire preparation. Mutton pieces were very soft and were intact with the juices, as it got the flavors from the Biryani. This should be enough to make me go visit this place again and again.

Firni- So balanced with the sweetness, taste was very good as it is made very traditionally, you can literally get the taste of kheer and rich milk cream.

Shahi tukda- This was a great ending to my food hogging session and tasted just about right.

The service was excellent and the staff were very courteous, they suggested quite well and I rejoiced my entire lunch scene at this restaurant. If you have time and think of having Indian food then India restaurant is a place you must not miss on.

Ps- Don’t forget to order your glass of coke while ordering, it helps a lot.

Author: Somashri


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    1. curiousbong says:

      Thank you! Presentation wasn’t that great but It tasted delicious.

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