Poush parbon saga

With the ongoing season of new harvest in Bengal, Poush parbon festival is just around the corner. So at de sovrani, sand has brought about a festival, the Poush parbon festival, celebrating the Bengali sweets for which I went yesterday and was a part of the press release.

For those who don’t know this is a restaurant of hotel de sovrani located in sector 1 Saltlake, just opposite to the sonnet.
The authentic Bengali sweets were presented very beautifully, along with a bit of modern touch.

Bygone are the days when our moms used to make peethe, payesh for us on Poush parbon, in the Uber busy world time is very limited. Hence to relive those memories and for the exact taste, sand has come up with something very traditional and presented in a classy way.

The peethes I had here are,




-Bhapa peethe

-Ashki peethe

-Shoru chakli


-Chuski kathi

Along with these we can opt for dessert sauces like blueberry, strawberry,kiwi , mango and orange.
The Nolen gur infused mocktails were breathtaking, my personal favorite was Nolen gur passion.
The buffet spread that we had at Sand was really good Bengali food, I have tasted Bengali Food at so many places but this really felt like home.

Steamed rice, mutton kosha, pabda shorshe is all I can have repeatedly at this place. It was that tasty!
This festival continues till 14 th of this month. And definitely worth a visit. The peethe platter is an exotic affair, handcrafted by the chef to recreate our childhood memories.

Author: Somashri

Peethe platter with dessert sauce
All the special peethe of Bengal
Ashki peethe with blueberry sauce
Mutton kosha
Shorshe pabda
Menu of the day
Decor on point.
Nolen gur passion. (Mocktail infused with Jaggery)

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  1. Nolen gur passion looks very inviting!

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    1. curiousbong says:

      It was indeed! 🙂

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