Poush Parbon Utsav: Bengali food festival celebrating the traditional cuisine

If you think Bengali then it has to be Aaheli, because this is one of the best places in the city to serve traditional Bengali cuisine. Bengali traditional food doesn’t only include fish, our culture and food habits roots down deeper than that. Desserts have been always the forte of the Bengali home makers to treat the family with scrumptious sweet treats, also the new season of harvest brings in the joy of various seasonal crops cooked seamlessly into perfection.

Modern times and busy schedules should not take away the glory of traditional Bengali food, with this concept Aaheli by Peerless inn brings in the “Poush parbon Utsav” celebrating Bengali traditional food.

Poush parbon Utsav menu includes kumro Phuler bora, bok phul and hingche shaak er Bora (these are traditional Bengali fritters made from flowers and leaves), apart from starter pack they have sheem sorshe posto, bete shaak posto, maangsher ghoogni, chingri piyaz kolir milmish (these are different sides for main course having vegetable and nonveg combination) which are so similar to what our mother/grandmothers used to cook for us.

 The assorted dessert platter is having pooli peethe, bhapa patishapta, Roshbora, doodh pooli, natun gurer rajbhog and ofcurse the very famous mishti doi with natun gur.

All of these and more, peerless inn was a total surprise when it made us bengalis taste the long lost traditional dishes, a big hatsoff to the chef. The festival is continuing till the 14 th of January, 2018 in hotel peerless inn.


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