Review: Hakuna matata

Well this is one more chain restaurant property, that is a paradise for vegetarians and veg food lovers, which I am going to review today.

Location: This restaurant is built up amidst the popular joints on Park Street, Kolkata. Just on the opposite side of Barbq. 

Me and my fellow curiousbong visited the place for an evening snack session. The restaurant serves alcohol along with some really innovative and delicate vegetarian food, but unfortunately the day we went they weren’t servicing due to permission issues. 

The decor of this place is very classy and quirky both at the same time. The tribal nihilism along with modern day decor makes this place chic. They have a ground floor and a mezenine floor as the sitting or functional area. We chose to sit on the ground floor.

The next big thing was ordering and refreshing ourselves with the goodness of the food, the menu is short and crisp and not overloaded. Though, choosing a food item was difficult, so I went with Matata cooler along with Caesar salad and mini baked crostini. 

The matata cooler was very refreshing, it is basically a watermelon based cooler, well garnished and I loved it. Caesar salad was very tasty as well but the quantity of lettuce could have been increased. Now this mini baked crostinis are a sight, it’s so wonderfully presented that made me just stare at the shot glasses in which they were presented. It’s a combination of carrot, baked crostini along with topping of spinach with some date syrup. 

The main part of any restaurant is the service, so coming to that part we we’re delighted with the hospitality but at the end of our meal they literally hurried us into emptying the shot glasses and eating up the crostinis quicker. According to them they were running out of shot glasses, which is really unimpressive and makes us think about revisiting the place. Also the service was not quite prompt, though we had all the time in hand to spend hence we faced no problem with that.

PS: They serves refreshments while coming in hakuna matata which is watermelon cubes and syrup to enhance the taste. Also they gave us this really interesting chocolates along with the bill which has an interior stuffed with gulkand. 

Please have a look of our hakuna matata journey. 
Author: Somashri Ghosh


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