Review: Kareem’s Kolkata


If these are the things going on your mind while going through the header then read through.

People often confuse this outlet with the karim’s in Old Delhi but this is a different one opened up in Mumbai, in the year 1995. There on it expanded its outlet in India and abroad (UAE, Dubai). This outlet is a revolution in Mughal food scene, where elegance, class is combined with piqant and toothsome dishes! A recent outlet of this famous restaurant chain has been opened in Calcutta, at Saltlake Sector V. When you search for the ratings of it in Dineout, Zomato the high points they have is not boosted but just honest ratings from very satisfied foodies.

The curious bong had hit this place for lunch and just for the very first time, service and food quality kept us amazed! The entrance is very classy itself with glass doors held in wooden frame, a posh waiting area on the right and the hostess desk on left.
So, the patterns, design, decor and upholstery doesn’t only reflect class but a brand. We were welcomed with a warm smile by the hostess who made us sit at the table and as soon we were seated our server asked us for the preference of water, this was enough to make us happy as 80% of the restaurant in Kolkata do not have this kind of hospitality (Fact is said from own experience, refer Zomato: Somashri Ghosh).

So we were too hungry to start with an appetizer and directly went on to the main course. We ordered a Kareem’s special biryani, Murgh hara masala and Malai firni for dessert. Also something to cool us in the scorching heat we ordered Cucumber cooler and Yuzu&Eldeeflower cooler, both the drinks were unique and as suggested by our server a Kareem’s speciality. We were amazed to taste the drink and it was indeed very refreshing.

The food was absolutely fascinating, the special biryani was enough for both of us with ample of chicken pieces and the patent of Kolkata which is ‘Aloo’/potato but with less oil , less artificial flavors/colors. The chicken hara masala was a perfect match with the rice for people who has a tingling tastebud for spicy this will be just perfect, not too much heat but just enough masala and succulent chicken pieces in a green gravy of coriander, mint, chilly that will hit the perfect notes in your mouth. They provided us with a complementary salad too which was a bonus! The Malai firni was equally beautiful with controlled amount of sweetness, fresh pistachios and a subtle melt in mouth Malai.

We ended our meal with a hand bowl, fennels flavored with rose petals and the pocket pinch was just around 1000 INR for two of us.

Mr. Rafique, the manager made sure all their guests have no complaints with the service or food! The service was very prompt and personal attention is on its peak. I would say this place to be a budget five star fine dining service, they also plan to open up a buffet setting very soon. They have another floor where they organize parties and meetings, kept open for normal guests on non-booking days.

For an exotic experience in Mughal-Indian cuisine we recommend this place, you won’t be disappointed also there is no second thoughts on the food quality as it is one of the best and world-renowned restaurant chain. The menu offers an array of appetizers, mocktails, fish and vegetarian specialities for all type of foodies and the see through kitchen gives a sneak peak of the chef’s in action preparing your food, just a wonderful place to visit with family, friends and dates!

I give this place a five out of five stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Author: Somashri Ghosh


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  1. sangbad says:

    Erpor theke ende address r direction deo…karon jara porbe tadr besi khoja khuji na korte hoy locationta…and as usual another yummy post…


    1. curiousbong says:

      I remember your previous request, tried to give location but my WordPress could not identify! And thanks! 🙂


      1. sangbad says:

        Write them in words or spare a few line para…as if you are the guide taking the reader on a journey…

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      2. curiousbong says:

        Alright will do that on my next review! Thanks for the guidance 🙂

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      3. sangbad says:

        You’re welcome…

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  2. Nice and yummy post. Can’t resist myself from visiting. Btw thanks for the follow.

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    1. curiousbong says:

      Thanks! Loved your blog 🙂

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      1. We have a group of bloggers. If you are interested can join us. It’s on WhatsApp.


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