Review: My big fat belly 

This restaurant My big fat belly is located right at the busiest point of South kolkata, Bhawanipur, this place sees most traffic in the city being a hustling junction and a connector. This area is over populated with cafes, restaurants and pubs as one of the most important education centre is located nearby, which caters to the running of each of this places more or less successfully. Coming back to our concerned joint, this is a European stylised cafe-cum-restaurant which serves great fast food and full course meals. They have tied up with food delivery apps owing to which food is being delivered to places situated in a close proximity of 3 to 4 kms of the place. They have a pre plated service concept, where the portion size is more than enough for one person.

The restaurant operates from 11.30 am in the morning till 1.30 am at night, this is very unique service time which helps this place gaining more crowd as office goers tend to go for supper or late night meals due to their casual lifestyle. The restaurant is not much thematic but gives you a casual European feel about the place with whitewashed brick walls, yellow dim lights, an open kitchen counter and high-stool wooden chair & tables. They cater to mostly a young crowd who love American fast food and continental food, also the owners plan to change menus considering the local Bengali crowd with infusing the local and continental cuisines.

This is a stand alone brand and running for only 9 months of  operating period. They target on to larger and more family oriented crowd base as their menu suites kids to senior citizens of the city.This place has vibrant music playing in the background, chefs working in one side and comfort food on the table gives this place an extra edge over the others. Their specialty is their self made sauces, dips and desserts which is the USP, it allows the guests to choose their food according to their taste of dips/sauces. They have food challenges as well, which is not yet popular in Calcutta, a profuse marketing strategy will help this place gaining the zenith of popularity that they deserve.

The must try dishes here are the famous burgers-

Kosha mangsho Burger(Bengali-conti fusion), Juicy luicy burger.

For chicken lovers you should go for the spicy ghost sauce chicken wings (at your own risk), Herb fried chicken is also equally good.

We also tried their seafood risotto which is creamy, delicious and has generous proportion of bhetki, shrimps. The pork sausage tossed with bfb sauce was amazingly juicy and lip smacking! (They make their own sausage) For vegetarians there are plenty of options to choose from , we went for cheese cigars which were melt in the mouth yumilicious.

The drinks we tried were: Mixed fruit mojito, kiwi frappe and some good old tea! Nothing disappointed us.

They have a good dessert collection to try from especially the no sugar-flour bfb special brownie with ice cream! All in all the prices are just very reasonable, it doesn’t at all bother your pockets!

Cost for two:500 to 700 INR

Calcutta has a lovely food scene, thanks to outlets like My big fat belly. 🙂

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Author: Somashri Ghosh


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  1. sangbad says:

    Jete hobe dkchi…

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    1. curiousbong says:

      Absolutely! 😄


      1. sangbad says:

        But directionta add kore dao…just a suggestion


      2. curiousbong says:

        Sure, but if you search on Google map with the name of restaurants you will easily find it.


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