Pilaten Black Mask Review

When it comes to cleansing pores what do we do? Hit the salon or make exfoliating packs at home! But that is so much time consuming, requires patience and if it’s a weekend at salon, oh my wait for your turn to come!

So there’s a shortcut always to everything, we have to discuss the pro and cons of this short cut now.  It’s a trending skin cleansing method at present; men, women and teens are going ga-ga over this peel off mask. So what is it about? Does it hurt? How effective is it ? For the answers please read below.

So I saw this latest sensation over the Internet and decided to try it on myself for I have black heads and needed a thorough pore cleansing. I got this from Flipkart which was a pack of 6 sachets and price would vary from INR 300-400. (You can go for the bigger tubes or sachet of 12 that would cost you a tad bit more)

It takes two fingers to apply on your face or just nose/black head prone area. I applied on my entire face which consumed about an entire sachet. (Since I have a big face)

After I applied it I kept it on my face for 30 mins, in the mean time I completed Ed Sheeran’s famous 6 songs from the latest album Divide😉. If you are a reader you could read up a book or your news feed 😁. Well that’s upto you, haha!

So now I removed this mask from chin to forehead, pulling it in an upward direction. It did not hurt more than threading, the entire mask came off at one go. The residues along the hairline wash it off with lukewarm water and end your pore cleansing session with toner. That helps closing your pores and soothing the skin.

This mask is built up of activated charcoal particles and has good exfoliating capacity. I tried many peel off black head products but this pilaten black mask is really phenomenal, hassle free.

The cons would be, that you need to use one sachet a week or depending upon the amount of pollution affecting it. Only using it weekly will keep you pores clean as this doesn’t have much longevity effect on skin. It needs longer time to dry up in humid areas, so you have to make sure the AC is on or you have constant drying source.

So , that is all I got to say about the black mask, for more enquiry you can comment or look up for my page on Instagram/Facebook.(Curiousbong)

Reviewing this product with a 4 out of 5 star! ⭐

PS: This is how my skin feels and looks after the exfoliating session.

Awesome. Zero black head!

Author: Somashri Ghosh


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