Lotus de-tan face pack: Is it worth it? 

Lotus herbals is a well known brand in the skincare industry, all over India. So I got this product from Flipkart with a nice discount, whose original Mrp is INR 275.

Owing to a humid climate in Calcutta, India; skin types differ a lot. My college schedule makes me travel in day, where my skin (facial) is exposed to sun most of the time. The humidity is a spoiler in addition. Choosing a product is not easy, for I have a very sensitive skin texture with oily tzone and dry cheeks. But this product is for all skin types suits dry to oily skin tones.

The product contains kaolin clay, mulethi, glycerin, horse chestnut seed extract, vitamins A, E and H (biotin). These are one of the few good extracts and chemicals but there are two sides of a coin, so the most harmful chemicals that it has is propyl and methyl parabens. These are harmful for skin and has bad effects on health, specially if you have a history of breast cancer in family or any other type then it is not safe product for you. Though parabens causes cancer is not proven fact yet but it is a debated topic in skincare industry. So better be safe than taking chances into something as hazardous like this.

For getting my face de-tanned i used lotus berry scrub first for washing and cleansing my face with this mild, effective scrub cum face wash.

 Then I applied my face pack and kept it till the time it dried, for me it took around 30 to 40 mins for drying off.

I washed off my face with Luke warm water and then closed it with using room temperature water. After drying off completely I used lotus Matt gel which keeps the skin better and moisturized also it acts as sunscreen.

The after effect of this detan face pack was really nice, it left my skin glowing and soft, also the dark spots due to exposure in UV rays is minimized a lot as you see in the beginning of the post.

I would rate this product a 4 out of 5!


Author: Somashri Ghosh.


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