All food fantasies: Tale of Santa’s Fantasea

Had been on my wish list since it opened a year or two back. ​Now this place finally got ticked off, after so many attempts of trying to visit them. Yes these attempts were worth it.

Once upon a time…

This place remains closed for couple of hours after lunch time, hence we went in an empty restaurant at 6pm today. This was a bit difficult to locate but we managed to find it, which was right beside the lane of Anjali jewellers in golpark. Coming to the decor and theme, it was really appealing with all those sea creatures and tribal style seats, tables. They have a lot of seating capacity, as there are three rooms which make up the restaurant area.

We ordered Beijing style seafood rice, smoked octopus and burnt chilly prawn, for the dessert we ordered onion kheer.

Beijing style seafood rice
Burnt chilly prawn
Smoked octopus

So the rice was really good with lots of seafood and vegetables, flavored beautifully with pan asian spices. The smoked octopus was very delicately made in flavorsome gravy with lemongrass and lime leaves, burnt chilly prawn was equally good but the prawn needed to be cooked a bit longer according to me. The kheer was a really innovative idea, they also have prawn kheer but we opted for the onion one. It tasted so good with the onions in it, it felt like we were having some shahi dessert.
Service was fast and servers were suggestive, but there was a lack of serving attitude and they were reluctant to serve us when we went in first, maybe because it was odd hours for them. But again if the restaurant is open you should have that proper motivation to serve your guests, this would be a suggestion for the management.

All in all the food, ambiance uplifted our mood for the evening. Great food quality and quantity! Here the tale of sea creatures end, hope you make your way out too from the fantasea..


Onion kheer😍

Author: Somashri Ghosh


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  1. Now I am hungry. This food looks delicious 🙂

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