TGIFriday’s kolkata, India.

Excellent place for a brunch with your folks or friends, also it turns it’s volume on in late evenings. It was on my wish list since long, glad that it got chucked off. I went their on a Saturday afternoon with my friends, the host made us seat and was really hospitable. The girl that served our table was really good in suggesting dishes and drinks. I have a long list of items which we had last Saturday, we started with chimichuri wings, grilled chicken skewers then for the mains we had red hot crab crusted chicken with cream & mushroom sauce also mashed potatoes, a Mexican fiery pizza too!

For the drinks part we went with fuzzy jack and coke, spicy Rita, ultimate Fridays liit, one two rum punch, Budweiser and one more drink which was infused with cranberry juice and ultimate electric liit.

Fuzzy jack and coke , Electric LIIT are the ones which you should order at this TGIF!

So coming to the food part, I loved the perfectly balanced flavors of chimichuri, skewers were great and the pizza was spicy, cheesy but turned a bit hard when it was cold. The crab roasted chicken with the creamy spinach and mushroom sauce was purely sinful, loved the mashed potatoes and chicken was perfectly cooked! Among all the drinks I tasted fuzzy jack and ultimate Fridays liit is recommended.

The ambiance gave the perfect tex-mex style restaurant set up feel and the seating was also very comfortable.

I just loved this place and though the pocket pinch is very high, I’d still recommend it for a wonderful food experience along with the exotic cocktails.

Author: Somashri Ghosh


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