AA review of the Asian Street kitchen SOI.

This is an Asian Street kitchen as the name literally means, SOI, located near the Indian museum. They have a restaurant in the front lobby as well as a sitting area inside where they have a live bar, made up like a food truck. They definitely have tried to give the feel of a street kitchen to this place, but the interiors are too posh to depict as such. Both the seating areas are spacious.

We had an offer from the little app where we had got four starters along with 2ltr of draught beer. We chose to have mushroom salt and pepper, crispy chilly baby corn, roasted chili pork, chicken satay.

The food was perfection redifened. Presentation was nice, but did not expect such perfect quality of food but they surprised us with all those delectable flavors. We again ordered for a caprioska and pandanus wrapped chicken (forgot the asian name). The pandanus to my dismay was banana leaves, but the chicken was too good with absolute flavors of the coconut milk,chillies and slight refreshment from Kaffir lime. The cocktail was equally good. I’m in love with their food and beverage menu as they have fruit flavored draught beer.

The service was fine, servers were attentive and very hospitable. You should try the happy hours at this place from 4 to 7 on food and drinks both, it’s a perfect catch!

Author: Somashri Ghosh


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