Rooftop 101: Whatsup cafe

The entrance itself has a lively feeling about this cafe, beautiful graffitis to a clean wide staircase leading you to what’s up which is on the 6th floor of the building, in southern avenue. Obviously it has beautiful interiors as well as a pretty charming sitting arrangement for rooftop. The couches were having newspaper graphics printed all over. Even the washroom had a nice decor and is pretty well maintained.

Coming to food and beverage, we ordered a lemon iced tea, kiwi mojito, cold coffee with ice cream and a fresh lime soda. For food we had samak makli, which is Lebanese style pan seared fish. The fish was tasty and had been seasoned, marinated really well only thing necessary was it needed to be heated up well before serving.

That was the first visit, after that had quite a lot of visits to this place for trippy Tuesdays(ladies night plus live performances day),crazy Thursdays, and hangover Saturdays. Always got our seat outside where they have a little jacuzzi thing and it has two tables! The view , nice warm water (the tickles to your feet😍) and the good food, drinks make this rooftop place a sassy deal.

What else makes it special? Is the starry night, not literally, but this is frequented by Tollywood celebs and influential people so you know where to go for making connections. The pocket pinch of this place is not so high, unless you really wanna get down and high here. INR 1000 should be minimum for two.

The beverages are the best part of this place, tasted most of them and my type is the classic Cosmo or Margarita. Beer buckets are the safer and economic options for the stance.

Also, there is no complaint with the service they know how to make their guests happy! Curious bongs wish the entire team good luck😊.

Noodles wrapped chicken
Sex on the beach
Rum flavored tandoori chicken
Curious-bongs squad❤

Author: Somashri Ghosh


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